Aikido Club Sei Shin

Want to give your life a new impetus? Are you enthralled by the principles of Aikido, the non-violent use of the aggressor’s power? Are you wondering what it is like to take that path of seeking the harmony of life energy? Anytime we welcome all those who are looking for the opportunity to try healthy exercise, meet new people and have a good dose of fun. Please just come to see us or work out. Schedule can be found here. We look forward to seeing you in the dojo in Rožnov.

Philosophy of Aikido Club Sei Shin

We aim to develop Aikido skills and support all members in their effort. We devote our efforts and financial resources to the development of international cooperation and support of our members in participation in national and international seminars and further implementation. We want to minimize the financial burden on our members, so that none of the management of the club earns from this activity and so each member of the management pays the full membership fees.

History and characteristics of the club

The club was founded on September 1, 1995 and incorporated into the House of Children and Youth in České Budějovice. There are currently about fifty regularly practicing members.

From the beginning, the club was not firmly assigned to any of the Aikido organizations operating, so each member had to decide which organization they would join and where they would perform the exams. At present, our members belong to the Czech Federation of Aikido and Bohemia Aikikai.

The club regularly organizes seminars of both organizations and often invites foreign teachers to provide members with sufficient technical background.

Aikido club Sei Shin for girls and boys

The children’s club was established in 1999 with the aim of expanding the membership base and at the same time, to separate children from adults for safety reasons. Children practicing in our country are not organized under any Aikido organization, which eliminates the need to pay additional fees. They are organized only by the “Dům dětí a mládeže České Budějovice” (organization for organize activities for children and youth), which gives us a suitable background and allows to organize summer camps.

The trainings are led by experienced trainers, Michal Šimera and Vladimír Hans. The purpose of the practising is not only to master Aikido techniques, but also to increase the physical